Where is my gun? --english

it's a good mechanism that works for us and them and is being used by us and them,which always perplex everyone. Which side is it for when such situstion is repeating himself? Why has it been prevented from overusing and exploiting himself? So it let us think of just more reinfoceed situstions, imagine about future of nothing. Maybe it seems like see a black galaxy on the black cosmos in the summer night.

If ones thought that there aren't being of it, it couldn't be possible for it at all, because the consciousness of ones make it possible for just comfortable and easy using to the overusing. Ones would like to aim at it although it is only the disasters. Ones under nation management systems and revised editions structurally approve such disastrous situations on accounts of others. Others replace ones in any cases for others' needs.
GUN! Groovy unimportant negotiations. For nothings of self-securities. It consists of void space of consciousness, which eventually are going to expel freeness and freshness of lives, although everyones would like to or not. Constitutions deny each other, betray one another, exclude insides of itselves. Too irrational and unreasonable systems. Absolutely unsolving-problems systems. It ought to cut its other wing, abbreviate its other words to live lives of itself for nations' securities welfafe.