November comes, she wil...l --english

NOvember is going to be the most political season for anyone although it just includes several political issuse. First, Obama is going to be tried and tested by anticipated disasters which has been on the road by former political events and his negotiations. Originally Politics results from many planned and unplanned negotiations. But the more there are negotiations and submittings, the less he is happy. You have to negotiate and submitt the least thing.

Second, MB seems to get the political advantages to recover thier poli-socio hegemony which is being robbed. But November is only going to give him opportunity. Namely opportunity does not always make good result. Such equation has always been solved TOGETHER....In my unfortunate guess MB and his men are going to be obstinate and stubborn old boys in November too.

The key is going to be delivered to Obama eventually and he is going to exercise full competency and function. It is Koreans' misfortunes and homeworks to get done too...In the mddle of things July is going into summer, november is coming back to us. Anyway this november will be second good autumn to play full views of. I would like to hug this november together with graces and joy.